ELEMENTS are Personal and Studio Reformer Loops, Pilates Loops, Cadillac Fuzzies, Roll Handles, Slings, Belts, Straps and Covers for use on Pilates and GYROTONIC® equipment
Enjoy the Invention, Innovation and Masterful Make
ELEMENTS enhance your practice by making you feel comfortable and safe while using the equipment, enabling you to fully focus on your body movement and breathing to get the maximum benefit from each class.

We offer you a variety of top quality, cushiony and well shaped ELEMENTS to match your personal preferences, fitness level and your classes. You will feel your body deeper and reach further in your movement. And if you are a teacher, ELEMENTS will be your assistant.

The loops are the most important element of the amazing studio equipment. It's what we hold in our hands or have around our feet and they have a direct impact on how we use the equipment, how we feel while exercising and what we get out of the class.
Choose your personal ELEMENTS loops and feel the difference!
Dress up your studio with ELEMENTS and have accessories that best match your clients' needs.
Enjoy the beauty and luxury of using ELEMENTS!

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