Lumbar Belt

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  • Small belt is for use on 50-84cm (20-33 in) circumferences
  • Medium belt is for use on 70-100cm (27-40 in) circumferences
  • Large belt is for use on 86-130cm (33-51 in) circumferences
  • ELEMENTS Lumbar Belt is designed in collaboration with Carla Mullins for her specific exercising program.The lumbar belt is an amazing tool for both assisting movement and challenging the stability and strength of your clients.It’s made with a much softer new type of Velcro® tape and silky hand-feel neoprene lining.All belts are 10 cm (nearly 4 in) wide.

    All belts have 4 parallel pairs and 1 center pair of D rings for variable clients size, different exercises and multiple attachment positions.

    3 available sizes:

    • Small is 100cm long; use it for 50-84cm (20-33 in) circumferences


    • Medium is 124cm long, use it for 70-100cm )27-40 in) circumferences


    • Large is 148cm long, use it for 86-130cm (33-51 in) circumferences


    For details on training for Lumbar belt use please see Carla’s schedule here.

    For ideas on how to use the lumbar belt follow our Instagram and Facebook profiles, our ambassadors are showing it in use with clients.


    Sold as single items.

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