Galaxy Reformer

The Galaxy Reformer was built with the guidance of professionals counting many years of experience in the field of Pilates. The digital design and processing method allowed us to create a completely ergonomic and modern fully customizable reformer to adapt to any body type.

Made of excellent quality oak panel offers stability and security. It is equipped with stainless steel running tracks that ensure silent and perfectly smooth running. It also has a stainless steel footbar for high stability in each of the six different inclines. A stylish ensemble that should not be missing from any Pilates gym.


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  • Dimensions L240 cm x W85 cm x H210 cm
  • Wooden frame of excellent quality oak panel
  • Antibacterial leatherette of high resistance
  • Wagon running tracks made of stainless steel
  • Nautical ropes and guides
  • High strength footbar with 5 operating positions
  • Aircraft type aluminum spring system with 3 operating positions
  • 5 Pilates springs of different intensity for the reformer (2 red, 1 blue, 1 purple, 1 green)
  • Three-position carriage stop
  • 3-position head pillow
  • Detachable silent rolling wagon with 8-wheel system


  • Elements® Double Loops, Elements® Footstrap, Standing Pad
        +               +     


  • BOX, Jumpboard, Mat cover
       +    +  

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